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It’s a baby boy

My wife and I went to the clinic yesterday for a scheduled ultrasound, and the results totally caught us off guard. Months prior to yesterday, my wife’s OB made a prediction that we were going to have a baby girl. This doctor had a reputation of making correct and confident assumptions about the gender of her patients’ babies. She wasn’t really that confident about ours though. Regardless, considering the chances of getting it right is about 50/50, we thought maybe she was right.

And so since then, my wife and I have been imagining our future with a baby girl in mind. We even had some relatives also excited about the idea, and my wife and her sisters sometimes talked about girl stuff and such (you know how they are). It was almost like we were already settling and excited to have a baby girl.


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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – My latest RPG fix

Here I am again, immersing myself into the lore of a role-playing game. This time, Divinity: Original Sin 2. I’ve played the first one and finished it. It was one of the best RPGs of its kind. It’s reminiscent of Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age: Origins. I figured I’m going to spend a lot of hours again on this one.

My main character

While I had the option of creating a totally new character, I opted to choose one of the origin characters. A friend of mine said it would be a waste of voice-acting if I didn’t. So I went with Ifan ben-Mezd, as a ranger. I always play ranged characters primarily, stealth characters secondary, and caster characters as a third options. I never play melee.


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The Idlectic story: Blogging since 2008

Technically, this isn’t my first post on Idlectic, far from it. This may very well be my hundredth blog post since I started blogging, but I lost all of those articles in a single blunder back in 2010. This is the Idlectic story I’m going to share. Feel free to read if you’re interested, if not, no worries.

I started Idlectic sometime in the middle of 2008, for my birthday. My purpose for starting a blog back then was just to add another hobby, and to practice my writing. I love video games, and I like to write stories sometimes, I was also a game designer back then, so topics along those lines was mostly what I posted. Idlectic was an extension of who I was.

I had this string of articles explaining my gaming habits since I was a kid, from getting my first Nintendo Famicom, to joining the PC Master Race when I reached freshman high. I posted about my favorite games over the years, from Contra, to Skyim. I also posted the occasional game review, although rarely because I suck at writing reviews. There was no shortage of posts about video games in Idlectic.


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