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Technically, this isn’t my first post on Idlectic, far from it. This may very well be my hundredth blog post since I started blogging, but I lost all of those articles in a single blunder back in 2010. This is the Idlectic story I’m going to share. Feel free to read if you’re interested, if not, no worries.

I started Idlectic sometime in the middle of 2008, for my birthday. My purpose for starting a blog back then was just to add another hobby, and to practice my writing. I love video games, and I like to write stories sometimes, I was also a game designer back then, so topics along those lines was mostly what I posted. Idlectic was an extension of who I was.

I had this string of articles explaining my gaming habits since I was a kid, from getting my first Nintendo Famicom, to joining the PC Master Race when I reached freshman high. I posted about my favorite games over the years, from Contra, to Skyim. I also posted the occasional game review, although rarely because I suck at writing reviews. There was no shortage of posts about video games in Idlectic.

I also wrote a lot about short stories, mostly vague first-person narratives explaining the thoughts and feelings of the character during a particular scenario. That was sort of a weird habit to be honest, but I saw it as an outlet for venting out my frustrations, or joy and excitement, without revealing what or who were involved and what was really happening.

Then, 2010 came, a turning point in my life and Idlectic. I had to transfer my blog into a new hosting service account. In my hurry to do so, I failed to save my database correctly. The sad thing was, I didn’t even realize my mistake until I started uploading my database to the new account. No article, no gaming posts, no short stories, nothing survived.

I was so unhappy, to put it lightly. It took months before I could recover from the loss, all I could blame was myself and my stupidity. I didn’t touch Idlectic for a long time, but I eventually did. It was sometime in the middle of 2011 that I started posting again.

But my blogging had been very dry. I wasn’t that into it for a long while. New posts were months in between, and I even decided to reboot my blog in 2015, deleting everything I had posted since 2011, and even buying a spanking new theme for it. But it didn’t really help.

Finally, it’s 2017. This is my 3rd time to phoenix my blog, and I hope this time will be alright. I hope to post a lot about my life and my interests (specially video games), and I hope what I write will interest you too. I’ll try not to procrastinate this time, even if my blog’s name says otherwise.

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